Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thai Monks

I have had an odd obsession with photographing Thai monks since my first trip to South East Asia.
On my first trip to Thailand I ended up well off the beaten path in the middle of the night with nowhere to stay and no money. I ended up sleeping on the bench of a train station. When I woke up a monk was seated in front of me watching me sleep. Before I could really make sense of what was happening the Monk told me to stay where I was, and he slipped off into the crowd.
20 minutes later the Monk returned with several staffs of bamboo stuffed with sticky rice, sausages, and sweets of every description. He ate a few bites then insisted that I load the remainders into my pack. After chatting for a few minutes he invited me to his monastery, unlimited room and board for help with the morning chores.
I had to fly home only a few days later, but I always remember the compassion that "T" the friendly monk showed me that day. Since then I have tried to get as many candid photos of monks.

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