Friday, July 31, 2009

Been Drivin' All Night My Hands Wet On The Wheel

This photo was taken by Abby as we were driving into Mexico City. I look pretty calm and collected because we are miles outside the city. It took several hours and many near misses with VW bugs held together with bondo and duct tape to make it to the airport to drop off our rental car.
For a rental this car performed like a hero, other than its quirky ignition.
We ratbagged this Chevy Neon down the Pacific Coast, across the mountains from Peurto Escondido to Oaxaca, from San Cristobal De Las Casa up a narrow mountain road to the Operations Base of the EZLN, up the Caribbean Coast and back to Mexico City.
If you notice I am wearing Can-Pat Army pants which made me an object of interest for the Mexican State Police and Army. At every road block conversation was polite, and then as soon as my pants were noticed I was asked to step out of the car. It is to the Mexican State Police and Army that I owe my relatively firm grasp on Latin American Spanish.
Latin cops and border guards have an odd fascination with chickens. Leaving more than one town we were asked if we were transporting chickens. Crossing the border from Honduras to Guatemala there is a huge sign in English that informs travelers that it is illegal to transport eggs from Honduras to Guatemala. The sign is very specific about eggs, there is no mention of actual chickens.

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