Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Anak Krakatoa

This video is taken on the approach to Anak Krakatoa (the Child of Krakatoa).
I actually have very few photos of this crossing, as 3 cameras broke this day. This particular day still accounts for my record number of brushes with death in a single day.
We were promised a 20ft dual engine boat for 1 million rupiah (or 113.00 cdn/$), what we got was a 14 ft fiberglass boat with a single 20 horse outboard. I personally know fishermen who have gotten into trouble in just such a boat on small Canadian lakes, let alone one of the most unpredictably dangerous and changeable bodies of water in the world.

The motor cut out 4 times, leaving us at the mercy of the 8 - 10 ft waves. Trying to land the boat I was almost crushed against the shore line, twice.
After the aborted attempt at climbing the volcano our guides took us to a secluded beach where 2 monitor lizards co-ordinated their ambush attack on us. Between sobs at the potential "dragon" attack our guide told us it was safe to swim off the beach.
I expressed my concerns that we were about to swim in prime tiger shark hunting grounds. (Tiger Sharks are native to the area and use the currents of the strait to their advantage hunting.) In shallow waters the tiger prefers to use the cover of murky water to come up on their prey from below. Again the guide, while crying at the prospect of a monitor lizard attack, assured us we were crazy to fear sharks when swimming.

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