Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Special Commitment To Douche Baggery

I took this photo using my Pentax point & shoot in a parking lot at Dundas and Runnymede. It looks like a total douche's ride.
A few weeks later this car drove by me on Queen St in Parkdale. Behind the wheel was a Chris Sheppard look-alike with a leather cowboy hat and dreads down to his ass. Riding shotgun was a meth addict looking bikini model with cornrows.
I guess you can judge a book by the cover.
As an aside I really hate white guys with dreads. Odds are 100:1 that a white guy with shoulder length dreads is an unbearable douchebag, ass length dreads takes a special commitment, gold medal olympic douchebagery.
White guys with dreads exude a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that makes me want to commit random acts of violence. I have only ever wanted to deck 2 people on sight. The first was an Isreali I saw somewhere in Guatemala who sported the dread-mullet. Palestinian murder in the front, hypocritical dope smoking racist in the back.
The second guy I ran into a few days ago. This crown & anchor had dreads down to his ass covered by some northern Thai tribal two-cornered hat, a leather vest and canvas ruck sack. I didn't see him till I almost walked into him. Our eyes met and I let out a loud laugh. I wanted to get a shot of him but I couldn't cover with "Cool hat" after I laughed in his face. I doubled back to catch him but he vanished into the crowd, or into the nearby Jamacian roti shop.

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