Monday, May 4, 2009

A Brief Explanation...

The title of this blog is directly inspired by a collection of haiku by Basho.
I carried a copy of Basho's "Records of a Travel Worn Satchel" across South East Asia on my first serious backpacking trip. I actually also have my own travel worn satchel, a bag that started out as my bike courier bag, but since has been everywhere I have, including crossing the border from El Salvador to Honduras to Nicaragua and across the Sunda Straits in a 14-ft fiberglass pleasure boat to Anak Krakatoa.
Along with my beat up old bag is my just as travel worn old Pentax MEF. I have had this old reliable SLR since the mid 1980s, although I didn't start to use it seriously until the late 1990s. I have been through several point&shoot film and digitals over the years, but with only a few minor repairs and cleanings, this camera is still my favourite despite the fact it is almost 30 years old (MEFs were made between 1981-1984). The camera almost made a final exit on the trip to Krakatoa, the costs of repairs were equal to its replacement value, but I opted for the life saving surgery rather than a replacement, and will again if needed.
As long as there are companies still making celluloid my old MEF will be my primary camera. Unfortunately, the days of rolls of film are numbered, already my fav film, AGFAUltra 100 has been religated to the dustbin of history.

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